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Hello and welcome to a Plumber’s Blog by Stan Fedin of

Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Stan, sole proprietor of FITnFIX, a plumbing and heating company based in Crystal Palace.

This sentence alone provides a great topic for a blog: what does a plumber who runs his own business call himself? So far I’ve seen some bestow titles of CEO and Director upon themselves. One that’s even more frequent

is Heating Engineer. Very quickly you realise that with great power comes great responsibility. So in an attempt not to mislead anyone or inflate my own self esteem I went for the humble title of a sole proprietor – that is someone who has sole responsibility and benefit of a sole trading business.

Now a bit of history.

FITnFIX was established as a sole trader in January 2016, credit for the name goes to my fiance Louise and the expired domain of which was swiftly grabbed off the market. The journey towards creation of FITnFIX has started in 2011 when an energetic and enthusiastic graduate found himself in a field which seemed to him devoid of all energy or enthusiasm. Yes Human Resource management was just about as exciting for me as watching paint try. A year later I enrolled on a plumbing apprenticeship and begun my four year journey towards being a fully qualified gas safe registered plumber.

It was quite an eye opening journey which helped me to solidify the ambition I had all along – to create my own business. I saw an opportunity to do things differently from any other plumbing business: Fixed prices on all work for that extra peace of mind, this meant no hourly charges or callout charges. Guarantee that’s worth more than just the words. Booking system that let customers schedule work around their lives. Methodical service which delivers same high standard each and every time. In short a service that’s all about the customer, not the plumber or the company.

This is what propels FITnFIX into the future a vision of a reliable service that’s easily reached and reasonably priced.

The future.

The two things currently on the agenda are 1. Getting out there and 2. Finding an ambitious recruit

The aim of this blog is to mainly help the first item and I will try my best to make interesting posts rather than this sort of dribble. Hopefully good things are yet to come.

Thank you for your interest and stay tuned for more from a Plumber’s Blog.

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