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What's been happening at FITnFIX?

New office, new faces, the story continues.

Our journey began in 2016 and FITnFIX has come a long way since:

Jan 2016 FITnFIX is born, a one man operation ran by me (Stan).

May 2016 our booking platform is added to the website - I believe we are still the only plumbing business with using such platform.

Check out the price list from 2016 below!

Fixed prices, no VAT, no mortgage to pay, just sheer ambition.

Half way through 2018 George has joined as an apprentice and quickly became the other face of FITnFIX. We organised work via whatsapp and google calendar.

2019 Was a busy year of refining, learning. Also I became a father.

2020-21 was the first "seismic" year with company doubling in size.

Post lockdown, October 2020 saw arrival of dedicated admin person in Catherine, who has become the "voice" of FITnFIX. We also intoduced a new internal appointment system for note taking and appointment scheduling and alocation.

Same year another engineer, Chris had joined our ranks. His tenure did not come to a full year and we look back fondly on his time in our team! His replacement Bruno whom I am sure you are familiar with by now started later half of 2021. Bruno has been very popular with our customers and is featured in many of our reviews.

2022 a concrete plan was made to move into a dedicated office and towards the end of 2022 we were lucky enough to find a suitable location from where we can easily reach all existing local customers.

2023 was a turbulent year. We moved into our Beckenham office, switched to a new dedicated system for calls, messages and customer relations. Catherine, Sheffy and Rose all helped at the office end with vastly experienced Hayley joining at the end of the year and taking on the majority of the work in managing our day to day affairs. Another vastly experienced individual Gordon had joined FITnFIX, primaraly as a bathroom fitter, and proved himself to be an intergral part of the team from the get to.

Christmass 2023: Stan, Christopher, Catherine, George, Bruno, Gordon and Rose

Throughout these changes we have kept the identity of FITnFIX intact, a focused plumbing business with a purpose, yet we maintained a human side and attention to each individual customer.

2024 is another ambitious year, we plan to be more available to our customers, something we struggled with from time to time. Keeping up with changing technology in the heating sector is another goal this year. Back office technology is another focus as we've already seen the benefits of our new communications system. No area of business will be left untouched, take my word for it.

If you are one of our early customers thank you for sticking around, and thank you to all our client base who keep on supporting the trade of a small local plumbing company. We look forward to new challenges and opportunities 2024 will bring!


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