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Under-stairs cupboard converted to cloakroom with toilet and basin.

"What is under your stairs?"

Our latest slideshow appearing at the front of our office window asks the passer-by this simple question.

Most of the time for those of us who have this space available it is resigned to a near permanent state of disarray. Featuring everything from panic buy toilet paper rolls and solidified shoe polish to long retired cleaning gadgets. A space without designation is doomed to become a holding place of items on an inevitable transition to the refuse centre.

Fitnfix plumbing Beckenham office

As time goes on pressures and requirements for each space inside a property increase. This can ultimately result in a feeling of "outgrowing" a home and lead to relocation. There is however even in very limited spaces opportunity to make them more efficient and to add value.

Our work often results in changes to spaces - old water tanks and cylinders come out and are replaced by compact all in one combi boilers. Radiators moved to under windows to allow better furniture placement. Bathrooms are reconfigured in the most space efficient way. Every square foot of free space gained is a small victory. An opportunity for new ideas adding value to and enjoyment.

As far as bathroom space is concerned our track record at FITnFIX is one of many delighted customers. Gordon, our bathroom specialist has joined us early in 2023 and has since helped to put vision to reality on over a dozen of projects of various scale of ambition.

Conscientious and probably the hardest worker you will ever meet Gordon goes the extra mile for every customer.

A triumph in creation of efficient and valuable space

We were very excited to take on a project involving changing an un used under stair storage cupboard space into a fully fledged cloakroom, complete with a vanity basin and a back to wall toilet. Gordon's skills were put to the test and results speak for themselves. If you like what you see contact us at FITnFIX or get yourself over to our office in Beckenham for a friendly chat!

Job notes:

Gas meter relocated and plumbing supplies brought over from adjacent kitchen. Power available under stairs already.

Toilet fitted to a Saniflo macerator pump and diverted to an external soil pipe. The basin likewise drains into the Saniflo macerator.

Decoration wise floor received lovely mosaic tiles, walls tiled in complementary white with white wood cladded ceiling and dark turquoise completing the cloakroom look.


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