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Up on a crane - A day installing boilers with FITnFIX

As a plumbing and heating firm, FITnFIX specialize in boiler repairs and installations. When your boiler is old and regularly needing repairs, it can be a more cost effective option long term to have a new boiler installed. Instead of throwing hundreds of pounds into an old boiler (to probably find out a few months later something else is wrong!), FITnFIX can help guide you, like we do with many of our customers on making the right decision on when its time to pull the plug on your boiler and replace with a newer and more efficient model.

We like to deliver value to our customers especially when it comes to big ticket jobs. As we are actively maintaining and repairing existing boiler as well as installing new ones we have a good grasp on which boiler makes and models offer best reliability. We have a preference to Ideal and Worcester boilers as they both offer incredibly cost effective options saving each of our boiler install customers hundreds of pounds. Working with Ideal has allowed us to produce the industry leading £1500 combi boiler replacement offer, which is still available until the end of 2024.  Ideal boilers are less know however they use same parts as other leading brands and in our opinion come out on top against any other boiler manufacturer for their reliability. They come with user-friendly controls and clear displays, making them easy to operate and adjust to your preferences.

Our latest project near Crystal Palace, involved installaling two boilers in a block of flats. Here we fitted the midrange Ideal Logic Max boilers which come with an unbeatable 10 year guarantee. Working in a tall block of flats presented it's own challenge as the requirement to seal the external flue could not be achieved with a ladder as usual as both installations were much too high for a ladder. This is not uncommon for properties in blocks of flats. In these instances, we hire a cherry picker crane for access to allow us to seal both flues from the outside and to ensure installed correctly.  

Plumber: George

Job Duration: 3 days

Brief: Installation of two new Ideal boilers with 10 year warranty. Carrying out flush on system. Replacement of magnetic filter. Installation of smart thermostat. Installation of new flue and sealing with use of cherry picker.

Georges' notes:

"Installed and commissioned x2 new boilers in East Dulwich. Used cherry picker to seal new flues. Installed Tado thermostat and magnetic filter.

Use of Cherry Picker Crane:

We hired a cherry picker in order to reach the flues of these top floor flats near Crystal Palace. FITnFIX managed to achieve this in a single visit for both customers, which overall saved time and money for the customers.

crystal palace boiler replacement

Boiler installer Crystal Palace

Previous boiler:

Old boiler Replaced in Crystal Palace

New Ideal boiler fitted:

New boiler fitted by FITnFIX in Crystal Palace


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