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"Lets keep the shower. But change everything else" Bromley Bathroom job.

Our latest bathroom project in Bromley involved a bathroom refresh with the trusty Triton electric shower being the sole surviving article from the old bathroom. And we were just waiting for an excuse to talk more about electric showers!

Electric showers are always efficient as they heat water instantly, meaning they only use energy when you're actively showering. Traditional systems store hot water and lose heat over time. Unlike mixer showers, electric showers don't rely on a central hot water system, so you'll never run out of hot water while showering even if someone else is using hot water elsewhere in the house. All you need to install is a cold water supply and an electrical connection. Electric showers are also generally more compact than other shower systems, making them a good option for smaller bathrooms.

When it comes to troubleshooting, you are never more than a phone call away to your local Bromley plumber to get the shower back up and running. The units being quite cheap in almost all cases it is quite reasonable to replace the whole unit there and then, often in matter of a single hour. Take that combi boiler.

You are also spoiled for choice. Pretty much every high street in Bromley will have a DIY or trade merchant stocking a variety electric showers. If you are prepared to wait a day or two you can grab yourself an electric shower with two shower heads. Yes they exist!

On to our Bromley project for some quick details:

Plumber: Gordon

Location: Bromley

Job Duration: 5 days

Brief: Remove existing tray, tiles, electric shower and enclosure. Prepare the floor. Install a new same size shower enclosure in same place. Tile two shower walls entirely to ceiling and grout. Install new electric shower with exposed supply and isolation valve exposed. Seal enclosure with sealant.

Bathroom before Tiling works

bromley plumbers shower renovation

Finished result with the familiar Electric shower

bromley plumbers shower renovation after
Trusty Triton shower survives the renovation


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